What are nose flutes?

Nose flutes originate in South America, where they were used by the natives in luring birds for hunting. As its name implies, you blow the nose flute through the nose, and pitch is modulated by the mouth. Using the mouth as the resonance cavity you can achieve a continuous pitch range of several octaves.

Nose flutes are full-fledged musical instruments. In addition, it is possible to imitate countless bird calls. It is easy to learn to play the nose flute (even for children aged 4!). Playing with others, with several voices (ensembles, canons etc.) or exchanging calls with local songbirds is a lot of fun.

What kind of nose flutes do you offer?

I manually craft my flutes, in various unique shapes, from a diverse choice of European and exotic lumbers (the surface is oiled). I make sure to use the proper hardwoods and meticulous workmanship. By the way: the external shape has no effect on the sound. Using the goat leather cord you can hang the flute around your neck as a piece of jewellery and have it always with you ready-for-action.

What do your nose flutes look like?

Please have a look at one of my nose flutes (original size ca. 7 x 5 x 2,5 cm) made from cherry wood; for the central element I used African Zebrano wood:

nose flute frontnose flute back

You can also have a look at more kinds of shapes and wood types.

How much do your nose flutes cost?

The current price per item, including cord, is 33 Euros. Shipping is 4.80 Euros within Germany (registered letter), and 6.50 Euros to the USA or the U.K. (registered letter) (standard airmail, takes up to a week).For shipment to other countries please email me. Depending on your payment method, additional charges may apply.

The easiest way to pay is via

which costs around 5 % extra. All other methods are far more expensive for most people.

How can I order one or more nose flutes?

The current process of ordering nose flutes is as follows (we're working on streamlining this):

  1. Send an email to Max H. Zycha
  2. Max will send you a picture of the flutes he currently has in stock (remember that each flute is a unique item).
  3. You make your choice and tell Max about it.
  4. You arrange the payment of the amount that Max has told you (depending on how many you ordered, and where they need to be shipped).
  5. Once the money has arrived (more or less instantaneous with PayPal), Max will send you what you've ordered.
  6. After about a week, you should be the happy owner of a unique nose flute

Other options are also possible. You may have specific wishes concerning wood types and flute shapes, but obviously Max cannot send them to you from stock (so you may have to wait). You can also just ask Max to send you any one nose flute from current stock (some or our customers want to get a flute as quickly as possible, without the emails back-and-forth).

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